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We offer friendly, affordable and experienced services for large, small and exotic animals. We currently serve as the pound for the City of Fort Dodge, IA and for Webster County, IA.  If you have a lost animal, please call us during business hours.  See Pound Puppies & Purrrfect Kittens for available animals. 

Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm. Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am.


I think it's spring.  The calender says it's spring even if the weather doesn't agree.  Time to think about ticks and fleas.  The ticks are out fairly early and can carry a number of diseases your pets can pick up.  Frontline Plus, Nexgard and VectraD will take care of fleas and ticks on your dog, while Feline Frontline Plus and Vectra will do the same for your cat.  Make sure your critters aren't bringing in these critters.  Ticks pose a problem for the humans in the household as well as the pets.  We also recommend that any dogs who are bringing in ticks that you see should be considered a good candidate for a Lyme's vaccination.  Things are much easier to prevent than to cure.

With that in mind, every spring, summer and fall we see needless cases of Parvo which could have been easily prevented with a set of THREE, not one, initial vaccinations.  Older dogs can be nursed through a bad case of Parvo, but many puppies don't survive.  Please vaccinate your animals.

Check out our recommendations for a pet emergency kit under Pet Topics.


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